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Simplify recipes via minimal ingredients. No more WTF fillers, preservatives or not so natural flavors!

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’Marie Kondo’ your pantry with a super staple that can do almost anything. Make more with less!

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Surpassing rice, wheat, and corn on nearly every measure of healthfulness, buckwheat is a sustainable crop with a low carbon footprint.

The biggest problem with the gluten-free industry...

Many people see the label 'gluten-free' and immediately assume it's better for the body, but that’s not true. The key ingredients in many GF products on the market can actually cause blood sugar levels to spike, triggering inflammation—a concern for those with celiac disease and gluten intolerances, which is why they avoid gluten.

We’re here to solve that.

Wild groats have a low glycemic profile, high levels of antioxidants that have inflammation reducing properties, and are rich in fiber, which can improve blood sugar levels.* Our vision is to expand the gluten-free world, making it better tasting and better for you!

Meet The Founder

The first time I was introduced to buckwheat was through the raw food world: Go Raw granola and my mum-in-law’s raw cereal, made with sprouted buckwheat and fresh fruit. Eventually, I found buckwheat in many beloved gluten-free dishes: buckwheat crepes, buckwheat pancakes, and buckwheat bread to name a few. The moment I truly fell in love was when I had buckwheat in its simplest form—a warm bowl of buckwheat groats. 

Raised by two Filipino parents, rice was a staple in my diet growing up. Over time, I've learned that most rice is processed in a way that strips away nutrients. Additionally, rice accumulates more arsenic from the soil compared to other food crops (yikes!). When I tried using quinoa as a substitute, I found that my favorite rice dishes felt incomplete as the texture and size of rice and quinoa are so different. That’s why I choose Wild Groats. It’s richer in nutrients, like a whole food multi-vitamin. I LOVE how versatile it is. It can be sprouted and eaten raw, transformed into flour for pancakes, breads, pizza crust, and more, or cooked as a superfood addition to salads, grain bowls, porridges and beyond!

Wild groats have ignited a newfound passion in my kitchen. I enjoy taking classic recipes and substituting them with this healthier staple to create more nutrient-dense dishes.

Some of my all time fav recipes HERE.

xx Kat